600 meters, 140ft climb of rocky terrain

It’s the hill everyone talks about. Many claim it’s what makes the Henri Lloyd Abersoch 10K legendary.

Tocyn brutal is a challenge, a race within the race and for those that defeat it, an almost certain guarantee that the post race drink on the beach will be so much more satisfying!

The quickest break 3 mins the slowest take over 8. Whatever time you achieve it’s about setting your own goals, digging deep and pushing your limits to smash your own PB & feel proud of what you’ve just achieved.


Don't let the view deceive you!

Tocyn Brutal is a steep rocky track that starts at sea level with the whole of Abersoch bay setting the backdrop as you climb 140 feet over a 600 meter distance of rough rocky terrain and finishing outside the idyllic Porth Tocyn Hotel. Tocyn Brutal is a timed section of the course offering different challenges for different levels of runners!

Many runners aim to break the 3 min 33 sec benchmark, many others just aim to run the whole hill. The elite aim to get under 3 mins and for the fastest man & woman they get a case of Kingstone Press Cider

If you’re a reasonably decent runner with a 10k time of 50 minutes you can expect to complete it in around 4 minutes. Paul Green who currently holds the fastest time & the 2016 Triple Crown champion completed it in 2 minutes 43 seconds. Crazy!


Tocyn Brutal Legends

These times are exceptional, especially when you consider they are recorded 3km into the 10k race.


1. Paul Green 2:43
2. Oliver Blake 2:46
3. Steffan Sayer 2:51
4. Ian Weatherall 2:53
5. Tim Davies 2:53
6. Brendan Rothery 2:54
7. Russell Bentley 2:55
8. Tom Roberts 2:57
9. Andy Payne 2:58
10. Malcolm Davies 2:58
11. Alun Vaughan 2:59


1. Jane Evans 3:00
2. Rhian Roxburgh 3:23
3. Nicola Davies 3:28
4. Charlotte Finch 3:30
5. Nicole Woodward 3:35
6. Kate Green 3:36
7. Helen Wilkinson 3:39
8. Zoe Gmerek 3:40
9. Katherin Coton 3:45
10. Diane Bygrave 3:46
11. Eleri Wright 3:47