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SWIM COURSE (1,250 meters)
Starts on the beach running into the sea for a box course heading to Tudwal’s West Island before rounding a buoy to swim parallel to the beach to SCYC, round 2 more buoys before returning to the beach and the middle slip ramp. 50 meters run up the beach to transition.



BIKE COURSE (49.5 KM – Out)
A superb exhilarating course with plenty of long fast sections and some exciting technical sections thrown in too.


SNOWDON RUN (6 Kilometers each way)
Labelled the most stunning route up Snowdon, The Watkin Path is steeped in history and offers the most inspiring trail route up this most famous mountain. It’s progressive in ascent & culminates in a technical steep scree section near the summit before the fast & furious run back down.


BIKE COURSE (49.5 KM – Back)
Some great long stretches of open picturesque roads with plenty of technical sections thrown in too. It’s a memorable route back to the finish.


The finish straight and really a glory lap on Abersoch beach to see you home in style over the finish line.


1.25km swim | 49.5km bike | 6km up Snowdon | 6km down Snowdon | 49.5km bike return to Abersoch | 1km beach run